Artemisisa Gentileschi

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Question From the letter, female artists faced several disadvantages. Most of the expected them to beperfect in their paintings. They were not supposed to duplicate any part of a previous design. Most of the clients wanted the artists to change the details of a previous design and produce a masterpiece of the new model.
Political leaders and rulers also exploited them. For instance, the Lordship expected the artists to quote the prices they charged for their work before its completion. They also insisted on a cut-price by sending their servants to bargain for the paintings. They knew that the artists could not fail to reduce the prices since that would be a dishonor to the Lordships.
The leaders and clients expected artists to follow the Naples customs and price tags. Artists from other cultures such as Roman were expected to charge equivalent amounts for their drawings as the Naples. Additionally, they were forced to send the pictures before they received payments, something that was contrary to their professional ethics.
Another disadvantage is that they were given tasks that involved drawing images for religious purposes. For instance, the writer designed images of Souls in Purgatory. However, the bishop sold out the design to other artists to use. That is an indication that they were victims of piracy.
Question 2
The writer uses several strategies to present herself in a positive light. She claims to have sufficient grace from God to vary her paintings. As such, she claims that it was not worth it to be directed on how to alter the picture for the Galatea so that it would look different from that she did for the Lordship. She claims to have the ability to modify her designs without repeating any part of a previous model.
Again, she claims that it is not usual for her to send drawings without receiving payment first. However, she says that she will do it for the sake of the Lordship. Finally, she refuses to follow the Naples customs in terms of pricing. That way, she succeeds to bring out herself as different from the other artists.