Art Work as a Product of Society

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More importantly, there is a specific association with making money and catering to the demands of the audience for higher profits of the corporation. The artists that are used to represent the music of Sony are created to provide an impression that attracts customers and which continuously develops for an appeal to society.

When first looking at the aspects of the music industry and the developments for business and money, is also a need to define the cultural industry and what this implies in different societies. The concept of the cultural industry begins with the placement of individuals and artists that are able to represent society. Artists will take a specific position in relation to the surrounding society and will create expressions and statements that will appeal to a specific group of people. Typically, the meaning of the work is designated to change opinions and positions that are a part of the culture. The expressions that are a part of the cultural industry are designed to reinforce philosophies, developments within society and expressions that reflect a set of individuals. The sociological processes that are used with specific artists become one of the most important components that area part of the cultural industry, with individuals in society being attracted to the statements that are most reflective of their identity and philosophies (Bourdieu, Johnson, 30 – 31, 1993)

Even though the concept of cultural industry is based on the expressions of artists, the new movement of globalization and the demands that are associated with this are creating an alternative understanding of the philosophies that are perceived by individuals. Cultural globalization is one of the aspects that are beginning to be defined within society and the expectations that are included in this. Creating products and associating with global audiences is one of the changes that many of the corporations are faced with when&nbsp.looking at the cultural industry.