Art for the society

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College Art for the Society When art is mentioned, most people picture sculptures and paintings. Jacob however, presents to us the idea that there is more to art than just sculptures and paintings. She is also positive that art can be used to present a lot more than sculptures and paintings. She says that with sculpturing, many issues are raised especially environmental issues since most of the sculpturing materials come from the environment. In this paper, various views of art that are discussed by Jacob are critically analyzed. Since art is a very important, subject in the society, the paper discus various ways in which it can be used in the society to influence the life of the society positively. Traditionally, art has been used to entertain people. In most cases, different artist utilize their talents with the main intention of getting money out of it. When someone sculptures a particular sculpture or paints an image, their main aim is to make money and at the same time provide people with a product that would remind them of a particular event. However, this can also be used to change our lives. One example is that art can be used for social interactions. Different artistic events can be used to bring people together. These include events such as singing competitions as well as showcases where people come to display their various artistic works such as paintings. As artist show up to these events, they bring with them different cultures and talents, which they sell to people as well as educate them on different social issues (Jacob 290). In the same regard, museums are very important social sites. It is in the museums where people get to view the various works of different artists. The museums also provide a strong base where people can get to see previous cultures and artistic works and appreciate them. Museums are therefore places that are very vital in preservation of artistic work for future appreciation. One example of this is the Mona Lisa panting by Leonardo Da Vinci. Governments should however set aside funds for establishing and managing museums (Jacob 294). The current world is full of elitism. however, art can be used as a tool for eliminating elitism out of the world. Art brings people together and makes them feel like they are one. When such happens, people get together and leave behind their various differences. They get to understand that all humans are equal irrespective of social class, race or religion. This therefore removes elitism and those who feel that they belong to an elite group get to be humbled. This means that art can also be used to bridge the gap between people. Artists should come up with various ways in which they can create artistic works that have clear peace messages and messages that can completely eradicate elitism from the society (Jacob, 296). The main observation that I made from this article is that art can be used as a tool for transforming people. For many years, art has been seen as a tool for entertainment. Several musicians, painters and even professors have focused on using artistic talents to entertain the public. However, with our current world full of violence and other inhumane acts, Jacob insists that art can do a lot more than just entertainments. She maintains that artists should focus on transforming the world and the people in it. For example, musicians should compose songs that are meant to unite people and not create disputes among people. Leaders should also employ art in uniting people as that is the most important tool that can unite people. Artists also have to understand the role of the museums in their lives. They have to realize that museums are a very important tool not only in preserving culture but also in spreading the message that artists want delivered to the people. From the above information, it is evident that art is a very important topic in our lives today. As much as art is used to entertain people, it can also be used to transform the lives of people. However all these relies on artists themselves. They should work to ensure that they spread the right messages to people using their talents. Artists therefore have a responsibility to the society and should never misuse their talent in spreading hate messages and causing confusion amongst people. Work cited Jacob, Mary J, and Michelle Grabner. Removing the Frames. Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 2010. Print.