Art Appreciation

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Hereby we shall make an effort to have a feel of the creation of that artfully.Here, after having a glimpse of the art piece, one after the other, and knowing the year material of the creation, we move towards analyzing and understanding the art piece from all perspectives. Since both the pieces belong to the same category of art, we shall talk about both together.(i) The Sky Above The Clouds puts on canvass her imagination to bring out how the sky looks from a height above 30,000 feet from the airplane. The painting uses very few colors giving it a somber look and is one of the most appreciated art pieces of OKeeffe.(ii) The Gray Line puts on canvass a feeling of serenity. It is an abstract painting leaving it for the viewers to understand what it tries to speak. Most of the reviews written on it link it with the beauty of women and the tenderness of women.Both are essentially two-dimensional artworks. It is to be noted here that graphic designs, drawings, paintings belong to the two-dimensional art forms whereas the three-dimensional art form have length, breadth, and height which include sculptures, statues, etc.Both the artworks of OKeffee under discussion belong to the abstract form of art. This is so because the art itself on its look does not depict anything in the natural world in particular. Instead, it is making use of colors in a non-representational way. It depicts real forms, keeping just an allusion of the original subject that it wants the viewer’s mind to hit. These paintings carry an intrinsic quality of od abstraction making them non-figurative non-objective as well as non-representational.Both the art pieces belong to Fine Arts indicating a form of visual art and are concerned with beauty that appeals to the viewer’s mind. These paintings don’t choose a medium to convey what they try to put forth, but have a self-expression inthem.