Arsenic Delivery Recommendation

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Arsenic Delivery Recommendation Solid, pure metal arsenic is a hazardous substance under hazard 6, division 6 labeled as Poisonous materials, with identification number UN1558 and grouped under Package Group II, and can be transported through freight, highway, and cargo or passenger aircraft as per regulations (US Government Printing Office). In order to transport 1000lbs or 453.59kgs net weight safely and abiding by the guidelines set forth by the Code of Federal Regulations under Title 49: Transportation, the following are the recommendations to maintain the integrity of the shipment, mitigate the effects of accidents causing the spillage of the hazardous chemical to the environment, and prevent the personnel from accidentally inhaling or ingesting the product:
Chemical will be shipped with shipping description as “Other Regulated Substances, Solid, n.o.s. (not otherwise specified)” as per §172.102.
Containment vehicles or trucks will be attached with unobscured markings of the chemical name “Arsenic” and labeling with the corresponding photo for “POISON” with a white background using durable materials, as well as coloring the containment unit with colors that contrast the labels, as prescribed in §172.304 and §172.430.
Bulk transport of arsenic is allowable under §173.242 through the use of intermediate bulk containers (IBC’s) made out of metal or rigid plastic that meet the passing rate of performance standards such as bottom lift, top lift, stacking, and drop tests as mentioned in §178.803. Other materials neither are nor recommended due to possible shifting or leakage. It is thus recommended that IBC’s be used to contain the multiple packages of the chemical while inside the delivery truck.
Only IBC’s that passed performance tests for stacking can be used for stacking the chemicals in bulk, otherwise, it is not recommended to stack IBC’s to prevent damage.