Ariel Sharon Crimes against Humanity

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The peacemaker image of Ariel Sharon is just one side of the story. Actually speaking, there is much about Ariel Sharon that makes him a controversial figure. Most of the world does know only the good things about Ariel Sharon. Yet, it is a fact that Ariel Sharon was involved in multiple crimes against humanity. Ariel Sharon was involved in many acts of gross human rights violations which lead to the killing of a number of innocent Palestinian civilians. Hence, it is a historical fact that Ariel Sharon happened to be an Israeli leader that committed multiple crimes against humanity and was directly responsible for the death of a number of Palestinian civilians.Everybody knows that in the 1948 war, Israel won almost seventy-eight percent of the territory that happened to be the home to thousands of Palestinians. Even after conquering these large tracts of the Palestinian territory, there was a section of the Israeli army that was not satisfied with this victory. There were many officers in the army of the newly found state of Israel who believed that Palestinians needed to be repressed and scared with the use of force. The purpose was to keep the Palestinians so scared that they do not dare to raise a voice against the Israeli occupation of the Palestinian territories. The other objective of the Israeli army was to take over such Palestinian territories that were yet not under their control, like Gaza, and the West Bank. Thereby the army of Israel planned an aggressive military strategy against the Palestinians that involved large-scale attacks and massacre of the innocent Palestinians.