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ENG 201: Argument Analysis Essay WorksheetSTEP 1: DRAFT A THESIS STATEMENTSelect an assigned text from the Week 3 readings to write your argument analysis essay on. Draft a thesis statement that describes the main idea of the text. In other words, your thesis statement should answer the question: What is the main message of the text?Record your thesis statement in the box below. (Remember, this is a draft. It is okay if your statement changes as you write your essay.) STEP 2: GATHER EVIDENCEUsing the chart below, make a list of four important quotes that support the main message of the text. Cite your quotes in APA Format: Quotation APA Citation STEP 3: MAKE OBSERVATIONSLook at the quotes you gathered above and fill out the chart below. What main message does each quote communicate? How does each quote relate to/support your thesis statement? Quote (Copied and Pasted from Above) APA Citation (Copied and Pasted from Above) Main Message of the Quote (One Sentence) HOW does this quote support your thesis statement? (Explanation/Analysis) STEP 4: IDENTIFY THE AUDIENCE AND RHETORICAL STRATEGIESWho do you think the intended audience for this piece is? In other words, who do you think the author was trying to reach/speak to? Why? What rhetorical strategies does the author use in the text? In other words, does the author use ethos, pathos, and/or logos in the text? View the resource on using rhetorical strategies to persuade: Ethos, Pathos, and Logos for a refresher. Using the chart below, identify which rhetorical strategies the author uses and how they are used.(Note: Try to find all three strategies, but it’s okay if you can’t – some authors only use one or two!) Rhetorical Strategy How does the author employ this strategy? Ethos (Demonstrating Credibility of Author) Pathos (Appeal to Emotions) Logos (Appeal to Reason and Logic) STEP 5: IDENTIFY AND RESPOND TO ARGUMENT STYLEDoes the author use a Classical/Aristotelian, Toulminian, or Rogerian argument style? How do you know? Be specific! You can use this Argument Style Handoutto help you. Argument Style How Do You Know? (Be Specific!!) Take a position in relation to the author’s position. In other words, do you think their argument is effective? Do you agree or disagree with the author’s position? Why? STEP 6: COMPLETE YOUR BODY PARAGRAPHSNow it is time to convert all of this information into actual body paragraphs! Your first 3-4 paragraphs will analyze the quotes you chose, while your 5th and 6thparagraphs will focus on the audience and argument. Remember, when you are analyzing quotes, your paragraph should follow this structure:● Topic sentence (the main message of your quote)● The quote (including in-text citation)● Explanation/Analysis (explain howthis quote supports your thesis statement) Body Paragraph 1: Explanation/Analysis of First Quote Body Paragraph 2: Explanation/Analysis of Second Quote Body Paragraph 3: Explanation/Analysis of Third Quote Body Paragraph 4: Explanation/Analysis of Fourth Quote Body Paragraph 5: Identify Audience and Rhetorical Strategies Body Paragraph 6: Identify and Respond to Argument Style STEP 7: REFINE/REVISE THESIS STATEMENTNow that you have written your body paragraphs, you may want to revise or alter your thesis statement. Do your body paragraphs still support your original thesis? Or have you slightly altered your original argument?Record your revised thesis statement in the box below. STEP 8: COMPLETE YOUR INTRODUCTIONIt is time to write an introduction to your essay. Your introduction should contain these elements in the order listed:● Grabber/Hook/Attention Getter● Background/Context (author’s name and quick bio, title of piece, and quick summary)● Thesis StatementWrite your introduction paragraph in the box below. Introduction Paragraph: STEP 9: COMPLETE YOUR CONCLUSIONYour conclusion is meant to wrap up your essay. It should include the following elements in the order listed:● Rephrased thesis statement● Overview of topic sentences (How did you support your thesis?)● Big ending: leave the reader thinking (ask a question, tie your argument to a present-day issue, etc.)*Do notbring up new information or present a new argument in your conclusion.  Write your conclusion paragraph in the box below. Conclusion Paragraph: STEP 10: PUT IT ALL TOGETHERNow that you’ve drafted your entire essay, copy and paste the sections in order:● Introduction● Body Paragraphs 1-6● ConclusionRead through your entire essay and make edits. This includes fixing grammar issues and cutting out any unnecessary words.Paste your essay in the box below. Entire Essay Draft: REMINDERSBefore you submit your essay, make sure the following is included:● A header (your name, class, teacher’s name, date)● A unique titleIt is very important to get feedback from someone else. You can contact your instructor via email, make an appointment with a Learning Support Writing Specialist, or use the drop-off essay review* tool here: *Be sure to provide 2-3 business days to receive feedback. For example, if your essay is due on Sunday, then plan to submit your essay to the drop-off essay review no later than Tuesday night.