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Basically, the crime is undertaken through the access of information such as Social Security Number, bank account or credit card number. Through the knowledge of such information a staggering effect on the life of the victim occur specifically the credit and finances (Department of Justice, 2006).
The knowledge regarding the methods on the crime of stealing one’s identity can be considered as of the most essential weapon. Protection of one’s property, in the present time, does not limit the material possessions, but key information that can access valuable materials. Due to the fact that the present era can be considered the era of information, thus, the data gathered can be equated to monetary units (Federal Trade Commission, 2006).
In the increasing prevalence of this type of crime, an overview both informative and descriptive in nature can be an important exploration to be able to contribute to the knowledge of the public and also for information dissemination. In this note, the objectives of the research that was undertaken is to achieve a baseline information on the cases of identity theft and the determination of the knowledge of the public regarding the crime that concern every members of the population.
The issue regarding the crime that can affect every member of the population was studied in line with the opinions and the experiences of a sample population. The study was undertaken through the integration of the reaction of the population and the knowledge that they possess regarding the topic. Through the determination of the opinions of the representative of the population, primary data was gathered.
A. Sampling Process
The process of data gathering covers certain groups in the population. In this particular study a particular group of citizen was chosen to represent the public. This is done to be able to determine the primary reactions of the public in relation to the topic of interest. Opinions were gathered regarding the identity theft as a crime. This can measure the basic knowledge of the sample population regarding the issue along with their outlook on the issue. In the research conducted specifically, it was aimed to explore the knowledge regarding identity theft and the misuse of information. There are certain techniques that can be employed to be able to achieve the desired amount and quality of data.
The sampling process can be undertaken in various ways. One type of sampling is the simple random sampling. This employs randomization process such as drawing the names of the possible respondents or through the use of random numbers to be able to determine the respondents for the survey. Another type is the stratified random sampling. In this method, the possible respondents are first divided into groups. Within each group simple random sampling are employed. Though the segregation of the population into groups the study can establish a background characterization sample space that can result to a more directed data gathering (Davis, 2002).
Another is the proportionate sampling which is a sampling technique that requires the proportion of the stratified group that corresponds to that of the sample population. There are surveys that do not employ sampling process. The non-probability sampling is the type of survey that does not use