Are hospital consent forms being completed to government guidlines

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One such place where such government guidelines are adopted is in the case of obtaining the consent of a patient. ‘Consent’ is the right given by a patient to the concerned authority in the hospital, permitting them to implement the necessary procedures as defined by that consent. This process is formalized using a consent form, wherein a patient is required to sign a document that details about the procedures that are to be adopted in order to serve the patient.Some common situations wherein a patient is required to fill up a form is in the case of an operation, wherein the consent form details the possible dangers that exist, the procedure proposed to be adopted etc. the operation commences only when the patient has given his consent that the operation procedure be adopted, by signing the consent form. As such, it can be seen that most tasks within a hospital environment revolve around the consent form. Any consent form is governed by a set of government guidelines that specify various aspects of what a for should contain and the manner in which one is supposed to fill them.However, doubts are being raised from various quarters on the manner in which these forms are being filled up. People have been raising numerous questions such as whether these forms are really being filled up in the way they should be, whether hospitals do indeed stick to the specified guidelines, whether the filled consent forms are properly verified, whether the consent has been taken voluntarily or by compulsion etc. therefore, there needs to be a study conducted in this regard that provides answers to all these queries.For the purpose of the proposed research, a number of options were available. However, the most suitable method deemed appropriate in the context of the current dissertation is to use quantitative research methods for the purpose of performing analysis. This is due to the reason that there is a large amount of information as