Are energy drinks safe’

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III. Credibility (Speaker’s qualifications/expertise): after researching about this subject I have come to agree with the view that energy drinks are not safe because it contains too much caffeine, very expensive, and it has side effects.
IV. Thesis (Transitional Preview): from the discussion with the audience many of you oppose the information I tried to provide, but I am requesting that you listen with open mind while we discuss the problems associated with energy drinks and how the drinks affects the human body.
A. Food and drug administration report shows that in 2012 there were 40 cases of illness and 6 deaths resulting from monster energy alone and 15 illness and 5 lasting disabilities resulted from Rockstar Energy (Lee 2012). These reports are provided by patients, families and doctors, but they do not prove that the drinks cause the death but they believe that the death was caused by the drinks.
Transition: having looked at the general problems associated with energy drinks. let us now go to the specific points that make energy drinks dangerous. These points are too much caffeine, more expensive than other drinks, and its side effects, I will start with too much caffeine (Lee 2012).
C. Caffeine gives a quick boost and that is why many people take before exercise, but this is dangerous because exercise increases the heartbeat hence stimulations from caffeine can trigger hearth attack or stroke.
E. Caffeine causes Adrenal Fatigue. this is a situation in which the body becomes tired after the consumption of caffeine. This will occur because the body adrenalin system will become overtaxed by continuous intake of caffeine. This will weaken the immune function of the body.
F. They have negative effects on diabetes. It has been found that caffeine has the capability of decreasing the insulin sensitivity and makes it hard for people who are suffering from diabetes to control blood sugar in the