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This paper examines the current strategic position, strategic audit and review systems within the firm. In addition, it also considers environmental influence by evaluating the political, economical, sociological and technological aspects that define the nature and scope of their operations. Introduction: Top Shop, as an international retailer, focuses on fashion clothing, cosmetics, shoes and other accessories. It has about 440 shops across 37 countries and online processes in a quantity of its markets. Top Shop was established in 1964 as Peter Robinson’s Top Shop, in the Sheffield division of Peter Robinson, a now defunct British area store series. The first separate Top Shop store was established in 1970. It is the single largest supporter of rising design talent in the United Kingdom. The company has sponsored a scheme for New Generation at Fashion Week of London for a decade, one of the most globally accepted talent schemes of fashion designing, besides sponsoring Fashion East since 2003. This shop is also the only high street brand to demonstrate on schedule at London Fashion Week with in-house unique designs, thus it becomes clear that the firm is inseparable from London Fashion Week. … Ranging from the petite and tall ranges to that of vintage treasure as well as boutique classics, the firm’s keen interest for scintillating design is what keeps it one step ahead of other competitors in the market. It is pertinent to quote A formal education nowadays can make a difference when applying for and landing fashion design jobs (My Five Goal Career Path to Becoming a Fashion Designer, n.d., p.2). Strategic Review: Aspiring fashion designers must use imaginative techniques to barge into the business, while getting citizens thrilled about buying their clothes. Soliciting online swapping and reviews links with like-minded traders are two of the well-liked strategies. Mission: The Mission of the Arcadia Group (Top Shop) is to provide business solutions, identify and execute management models for new business enterprises and create global connections for investors and innovators. Goals: Construct a strong basis of experience, skills and knowledge in fashion, stitching, and creativity. Build a solid system of citizens and companies in the industry. Enhance instructional supply funds. Secure software programs widely used in industry. Acquire financial support for upgrading and technology. Build up, expand and hold a consistent successful fashion design business. Objectives: Top Shop is a subsidiary company of the Arcadia Group. The particular objectives of a company are frequently not made public as it could help competitor companies. The Arcadia group though does have an obvious code of conduct which they follow. Dealers to the company are also inclined to obey this code of conduct. Construct Brand Presence in key metropolitan cities of the nation within 6 months to a year To start 8 outlets