Approaches To Work Stress

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What is stress? Stress can be defined as mental, physical or emotional strain or suppressing condition which is caused due to external influence which effects an individual and destroys physical health of a person such as increase in blood pressure and irritability and muscular tension. It is a factor causing mental or emotional strain which leads to depression. Work stress:- it can be defined as dreadful physical and emotional responses that take place when the work requirements are not fulfilled and the individual is not satisfied by his work . In other way work stress can also be defined as overload of work at workplace, a sense of efficiency or satisfaction is turned into feelings of tension . the worker feels completely tired psychologically, physically and mentally. These are the causes for work stress:- • A major factor causing stress is poor communication with the co- workers and indifferent behavior • Due to environmental changes such as pollution and different climatic conditions. • Work conditions that are very risky for physical health • Work which exceeds more than 40 hours per week • Taking infrequent breaks during working hours and having poor social environment These are the signs which shows that a person is effected by work stress:- • Irritation • Blood pressure • Short temper • Headache • Sleep disturbance