Applying the Marketing Concepts to Forever21 in the Chinese Market

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Marketers need to mold their products according to different markets in order to better satisfy their needs.I have chosen Forever21 as the organization that I will analyze, in the Chinese market. Forever21 is one of the famous clothing stores existing today. It is known for its trendy and fashionable clothing offered at low and affordable prices that undercut even those of its major competitors, such as HM clothing and others like Urban Outfitters and Guess.The company has been offering fashion and accessories to teenage men and women for more than 20 years now and most of its apparel is made in California, U.S.A. Forever21 shows no signs of slowing down as it has started making its way across Asia. Despite the recession, the giant retailer is progressing with bold expansion plans.This paper will discuss Forever21’s current marketing techniques and its market segmentation, pricing, positioning, promotional and target market strategies (making some suggestions in regards to the principles learned in class). If these strategies are not customized according to the target market, there are huge chances that the product might fail.Culture is mainly defined by the people’s beliefs, clothing, tools, attitudes, values and religions. All this affects the choices that people make in buying their products. China has a diversity of cultures. some people are still tied to their traditional beliefs while a good number has been relaxed. Therefore it is an appropriate nation that can accommodate the various designs of Forever21 clothing. Forever21 deals in clothes like robes bound feet shoes and cheongsams that are preferred by the Chinese.People have diverse tastes in every part of the world. Forever21’s clothes must be designed and made for diversity. The clothes should be of different colors and made of different materials putting into consideration the different attitudes of the cultures in colors, especially for the Chinesemarket.