Apply to law school

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Application to a Law School Many people describe me as an extrovert, which implies that I am an easy going person. I keep my personal opinions ready and open for any criticism. If it is a situation involving my freedoms or independence, I will defend it without fear. I also have a free spirited character, which many of my friends have appreciated. In essence, I have great connection to history and this informs my character. I can, therefore, describe myself as a product of my country, family and past experiences.
I have a strong belief in all my principles, which I figure relate predominantly to my country’s values. In any of my endeavors, I always put out my best to achieve the tasks at hand. Throughout my life, I have had situation that humble me both in failure and success. The naivety I previously had on injustice in society has all faded away. This can be attributed to numerous situations I have had in college and even my social life. I have developed the idealist perspective in settling personal and external conflicts. My stance on justice is apt since I believe everyone deserves a fair chance in life. I have this inner feeling of changing the world through tackling the injustices that I see in my daily life.
I want to study law so that I can achieve this sense of fulfillment when I tackle tasks on helping to change the world. My passion for this endeavor is informed by my zeal to understand the law and even fight for social justice. To have the idealist society, social justice is key. This statement aptly informs my interest in studying the law. With my immense study in economics and administration, I believe I will have ample time understanding and implementing the concepts in law.