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Information Management Information management has become one of the most imperative aspects of people’s lives. From my perspective, Information management influences our world more than any other discipline in the world. These are some of the principal aspects that have motivated me to gain interest in this area. Additionally, I am naturally passionate about information management because it gives me the desire as well as the drive to succeed. The way information management is organized and controlled has also motivated my decision to pursue a post-graduate program in this discipline.I am applying Information management in your esteemed institution since I am extremely interested in the various topics which I have covered in my undergraduate course. My interest in this discipline was aroused in my undergraduate studies in BA Economics since it has a lot of information that needs to be analyzed and evaluated for future reference. On the other hand, information management covers imperative areas which will also broaden my understanding as well as knowledge of the discipline as a whole. Currently, I am a level 3 student which is a high score. This means that given a chance to study for my postgraduate program in your institution, I will be able to further achieve better grades. I am also good leader especially to my fellow students. This is why. I was selected team leader of my study group. This is because. I am not only cooperative, but also a team player who encourages cohesion of all group members. I believe that for any group to be productive there is need to use the right kind of leadership style and that is why I utilize a democratic leadership style in my group. I believe that given a chance to I will be able to add value to the institution’s leadership aspects and enhance personal performance as well as that of the institution. I am passionate about information management and that is why. I am currently reading books that will further enhance the understanding of the discipline. I also understand the essence of taking part in active sports. That is why I take part in basketball, Ping-pong and shooting. If admitted to the university, I will participate in these sports to further its recognition in sports.Taking Information Management is important to me because when I complete my studies, I will go back to China for business. I have work experience from my internship program in International Settlement Department of the Huancheng. The internship gave me firsthand experience in handling date. I think that Information Management is a great discipline that will offer me a huge sense of achievement especially in resolving real world issues. Information management will also strengthening my passion to explore information management issues. With my BA in Economics and industry experience, I have come to realize that current organization practices have numerous limitations in information management. Therefore, there is need for information to be managed in an extremely efficient and more effective way. This is one of the principal reasons as to why I want to further my studies, as well as, develop my career. I will strive to make a difference by improving efficiency in mass data processing and at the same time try and reinforce information management as a whole. If given the chance to pursue my dreams in your esteemed organization, I will strive be the best and reach the forefront of information management. It is my belief that the University of Sheffield will assist me in achieving my goals.