Applied Ethics in Criminal Justice Management

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I tend to think that the witness is being bribed in order to offer information regarding other criminals. The bribery here is, however, done for a good cause. The information provided by this witness will help get justice for other affected individuals. An example of this is the rampart scandal that saw a cop named Rafael Perez cut a deal with the prosecutor so as to expose the masquerading police officer or rather bad cops. A series of crimes was observed before the cop was arrested. The road rage shootout that saw an undercover agent shot to death while off duty, by a white cop. This developed tension among the force, but was later settled when investigations confirmed that the black cop was involved in many other street crimes.
Another incident was the bank robbery that took place in Los Angeles. The suspected bank manager implicated her boyfriend, who was a cop to the organizing of the crime. Investigations revealed that the cop together with other partners in the force were gambling and spending a lot of money. One of the partners was known as Rafael Perez. Investigations on the police officer were launched when 6 pounds of cocaine, stored as evidence went missing. Part of the investigation involved the formation of a team named Rampart Corruption Task Force. The force was primarily focused on prosecuting Rafael Perez. When an audit of the property room was done, it was discovered that some more pounds of cocaine was missing. The speculation made pointed Perez as the culprit.