Apple SWOT analysis

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Apple Incorporated is also known to produce highly differentiated product offerings. Aside from this company’s brands, the unique technology that Apple promotes to its target segments resulting to the production of differentiated offerings is a remarkable strength, because it stands out in the market. This is further supplemented by the ability of the company to establish patents for all of its product outputs, which means exclusive ownership and trademark for future advantage.
Apple Incorporated is also known in the market as a firm with a high quality trademark. With its ability to promote not only innovation, but standardization of its technology, Apple is known as a company that will never settle for less. It has undergone a management standard which eventually helps boost its capacity strength to increase the quality of its offered products.
As already stated, Apple is known to lead in the product innovation. This sets Apple to produce a remarkable trend in its industry, making it a market leader in this aspect.
The kind of technology that Apple employs is a cutting-edge, to the extent that it has become a renowned benchmark in its industry. The development of smartphones and other potential progress in the future when it comes to the related technologies of these product offerings have become the turning point for Apple to be highly recognized not only by its competitors, but its potential target market segment. The above are just some of the potential strengths that one can possibly see in Apple, but these do not hinder the fact that the company also possesses some weaknesses. One weakness of Apple that others might consider as such is the change of management.
Many speculations at this moment especially on the part of the investors that Apple will never be the same again and that Steve Jobs must have provided the best ingredient for the company to succeed. This means that the present management is in great danger to be compared with the previous management. This is a weakness because this is something that possesses negative advantage right directly at the internal level of the organization. This strongly connects to Apple’s changing business model that may also have potential implication on the shareholders (Lazonick, Mazzucato amp. Tulum, 2013, p.249). Another weakness of Apple is its creation of products that may be similar to those that will only cost less. This is evident from the products that companies from China and in other parts of the world have produced. One can avail of them at a lesser cost, but significantly provides the same level of functionality. Although Apple can brag of