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Management What measures has Simms taken to increase work place safety? Simms has managed the power requirement for equipment that is used in the company to shun unnecessary tripping hazards that may destroy the machines. Protecting equipments implies during the process there will be no incidences of delay. hence the firm will be capable of meeting demands of customers. Simms has also availed down draft tables that direct heavy fumes out of the building thus less harm due to air pollution, which to caring workers’ health. In the food industry, Simms has provided finger protectors meant to safeguard employees’ fingers from any injuries especially when operating machines that may prick or smash one’s hands. This success in terms of safety is due to the instituted safety committee comprising of members emanating from each firm’s department. When they have a safety walk or an inspection, the members are reshuffled in such a case that one from the food department heads to production with the intention of pin pointing any slight and future foreseeable risks to rectify them in time. The company hold onto the notion by having own operators undertaking the inspection exercise for they are capable of ascertaining risky aspects different as other people would. How has Simms modified processes to make it a better place to work? Simms has ensured that his operators have a short break from their work during the day whereby they are required to stand up and stretch and music is put on. The company has also provided its operators with very expensive but comfortable chairs that are light for the workplace. These chairs help prevent scenarios of back aches and fatigue besides putting draft tables that direct fumes outside, hence implying they have protected operators’ wellbeing. Most of the machines in Simms Company require operated with both hands and by improvising the finger protector his employees are not exposed to losing their hands.Do you think the efforts are likely to improve Simms ability to attract and retain quality workers? Yes. I think through these efforts will attract quality workers because it is normal for any human to work in good and favorable conditions where they are comfortable as well as not overworked. Operators want to be linked with an organization that has comfortable and safe settings for their health as well as that will ensure them be productive without coerced. In addition, people love places where they are involved in the affairs of the company and it is clear Simms does that by forming a safety committee comprising of members from its departments instead of hiring more staff to undertake this task.How has the improvement of workplace safety made Simms a more profitable company? After Simms devised the safety program, it took him around three years when he started to note huge reductions in their premiums. The company was also happy with the tremendous change and how they were able to save on money meant to cater for unnecessary incidents. Through the safety program, Simms has managed to produce quality products that make his clients happy and satisfied with his products. The operators are not pushed to work and hence there is less training and there is reduction of turnovers and this means that they are working hard and smartly and hence quality work provided.Work citedWorkSafeMT. The Safety Difference – Simms Fishing Products. Online Clip. You Tube. 10Th May 2010. Web. 19Th January 2015.