Answers on psychology questions (Mood disorders)

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A person lacks the appetite to eat normally and consequently affecting their health. In addition, an affected person always spends most of their time in solitude and thus affecting their family. The family can feel isolated since the affected person does not take part in making any family decisions. A person living with this condition can also lack sleep, which can adversely affect their health. In effect, the person can lose weight and fall sick occasionally because of lack of activity. Moreover, an affected person always has feelings of sadness and lacks the zeal to live hence possessing suicidal thoughts .This is a condition that affects people between the age limit of twenty to thirty years. However, older people are also prone to the condition. The cause of this condition is always hereditary, since there are no cogent medical causes to it. A person inherits the genes of the condition from their parents and upon reaching a certain age, the symptoms start showing. However, continued abuse of drugs is considered as one of the medical causes of this condition. There are drug addicts who use depressants as their dosage of drugs. The aftermath of using the depressants brings feelings of neglect, sadness and isolation to these drug addicts. Consequently, such people can divulge into depression and hence developing unipolar depressive disorder. The doctors thus mainly use a person’s medical report to diagnose if a person is suffering from this condition (Ghaemi, 2008). The medical report will show if they have a history of the condition in their family since it is hereditary. Since there are no coherent medial causes for this condition, there are no intense laboratory examinations and tests to diagnose the disease. The clinicians and physicians mainly check the physical conditions and behaviors of a person to examine their condition. Medication for unipolar depressive disorder includes anti-depressant medication (Pharmacotherapy) and psychotherapy. Anti-depressant medication involves administering drugs to an affected person that counter their depression and brings them to their normal healthy mood. However, psychotherapy involves the use of non-medical means to treat the patient. These ways entail psychological treatment that is mainly counseling to the affected person. In this type of medication, an affected person is counseled on the importance of interaction and living a healthy social life. This is important since the patients with this condition are always susceptible to committing suicide and thus require good advice and monitoring (Ghaemi, 2008). Question 2 Hanna is suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). This is a disorder that is described by anxiety in a person who survived a horrifying physical or emotional occurrence. The survivors of such occurrences always have insistent and perpetual bad thoughts, feelings and flashbacks of the ordeal in their memories. This makes them fear doing particular activities that can remind them of the bad experience (Ghaemi, 2008). In this case, the accident that Hanna was involved in twenty years ago was a terrible one, which had a bad emotional impact on her. The memories from the accident make her have the fear to drive on