Answering test questions

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Descriptionpick 4 questions only out of the 5. 1. In regards to responding to environmental crimes, list and describe three types of evidentiary issues. Use examples to illustrate.2. Discuss Messer Rosenfeld’s anomie theory. How does it explain white-collar crime? Do you agree with the theory? Why or why not?3.Richard dasal. CEO of a medical research firm, has been diverting grant funds into his personal accounts. Using the four-stage investigation process outlined in the textbook outline the steps to investigating this case.4. identify and describe the five issues prosecutors face that influence their decision-making process in white-collar criminal the pains of electronic monitoring for white-collar offenders with those experienced by white-collar offenders who are incarcerated in prison. which would you consider to be more serious? why?11/05/202020law