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Question All amino acids within a protein are either polar charged or polarly uncharged. Answer A. TRUE B. FALSE 2 points Question 2 Acetic acid gives vinegar its sour taste. Which functional group has acidic properties and would release hydrogen ions in an aqueous (water) solution? Answer A.-OH B.-NH2 C.-SH D.-COOH 3 points Question 3 An amino acid is to a protein as a _________________ is to a nucleotide. Answer A.phosphateB.glycerol C.fatty acid D.nucleic acid 3 points Question 4 A deoxyribose sugar is to a DNA nucleotide as a ___________________ is to an amino acid.Answer A.carboxyl group B.R group C.the unique functional group (1 of 20) D.ribosome3 points Question 5 Which of the following statements BEST summarizes structural differences between DNA and RNA? Answer A.RNA is a protein, while DNA is a nucleic acid B.RNA is a polymer, but DNA is not a polymer C.DNA contains a different sugar than RNA D.RNA is a double helix, but DNA is not. E.All of the bases in DNA differ from those in RNA2 points Question 6 What is the best explanation for why the sugar-phosphate backbone along a strand of DNA is linked through sequential, covalent phosphodiester bonds, while the nucleic acid bases that pairacross opposite strands are joined through hydrogen bonding? Answer A.The phosphodiester bonds link the backbone ofDNA because these are weaker bonds .allow the strand to bebroken down to begin the process of transcription, which is the first step in the central dogma of biology.C.Both types of bonds ensure that the structure of the DNA double helix remains intact and that the two strands of DNA are not pulled apartduring the process of transcribing an mRNA copy of the DNA, and then translating that mRNA code to a polypeptide.2 points Question 8 Which of the following structures distinguishes plant cells from animal cells? Answer A.nucleus B.mitochondria C.chloroplast D.plasma membrane E.golgi apparatus2 points Question 9 During a period of low water availability, which prokaryotic structure would protect a cell from desiccation (drying out)?Answer A.pili B.plasma membrane C.nucleus D.cell wall 3 points Question 10 Which of the statements about the synthesis of polypeptides (proteins) is INCORRECT? Answer A.The translation is the process of protein synthesis B.Proteins are synthesized in the cytosol C.The synthesis of proteins is a catabolic process D.The synthesis of proteins requires ribosomes. 3 points Question 11 Which cytoskeletal structures represent a highly diverse group of tension-bearing fibers important to the maintenance of cell shape? Answer A.microtubules B.intermediate filaments C.microfilamentsD.centrioles 3 points Question 12 Which would be the most accurate endomembrane route through which a protein is secreted from a cell? Answer A.Golgi apparatus→lysosome→vesicles→plasma membrane B.plasmid→plasma membrane→nuclear envelope→smooth endoplasmic reticulum C.rough endoplasmic reticulum→ Golgi apparatus→vesicles →plasma membrane D.nuclear envelope→vesicles→Golgi apparatus→plasma membrane 3 points Question 13 Which one of the following pairs is mismatched? Answer A.lysosome-protein synthesisB.cytoskeleton-microfilamentsC.nucleus-DNA replicationD.cell membrane-lipid bilayer3 points