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Answer to Discussion Board Post Answer to Discussion Board Post It is important for content teachers to ‘understand’ that there are different learning styles of educators and students depending on the individuals’ preferences in processing relevant information that would be contributory to enhanced learning. From the Learning Style Inventory (n.d.) it was disclosed that there are three major learning styles: the auditory learner, the tactile learner and the visual learner which exhibit diverse learning preferences through hearing, writing or visualizing, respectively (Learning Style Inventory, n.d.). For teachers aiming to effectively relay knowledge, it would be appropriate therefore, to assess the general or predominant learning styles of the students to provide the learning strategies that would maximize the students’ potentials to learn. This would also entail teaching applicable study skills like “active listening, reading comprehension, note taking, stress management, time management, test taking, and memorization” (Education Corner, 2011, par. 2), as needed.
The strategies for applying study skills could be different depending on the subjects, such as English, science, history or mathematic classes since the subjects have diverse thrusts, learning objectives and focal points. but the study skills remain the same. For instance, English classes aim to develop students skills in grammar, writing, reading and comprehension which requires study skills that would develop proficiencies in these areas (note taking, reading comprehension, time management). On the other hand, for mathematics, skills could be apty developed through practice and provision of visual learning aids, such as flashcards, charts, or graphs, as needed. History requires a lot of reading and science subjects need both reading and applications, where active listening, note taking, time management and memorization would assist students in enhancing their potentials to learn. It is a matter of using the most appropriate strategy to apply the study skills deemed needed to improve learning and academic performance of students.
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