Answer the following questions at a country of case study (your choice) questions below part of Energy and Environmental Security class

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Oil is their main source of energy. On average, current statistics place china as the largest importer of petroleum as well as other liquid fuels.China consumes its energy through oil production. It has the leading and most stable oil companies hence the efficiency in access. The oil prices keep shifting on the international market depending with China’s oil production. The country has seen to it that its large population consumes more of oil, as they produce it domestically and go further ahead to import more. The main sources of imported oil by china include, production from Russia, Kazakhstan and Myanmar. China has pipeline connection with those countries hence serve as one of their energy sources.Apart from oil, china is known to use coal as another of its primary source of energy. China is also world’s largest coal producer and consumer. Statistics and trends over the years indicate China as the country that consumes half the coal in the world. This is factual considering its large population over the years. Electricity in China is generated using coal as opposed to other countries that use renewable sources of energy for electricity.Among oil and coal as the leading energy producers for China, natural gas and several renewable energy plants are being employed in the country. Following the demand of natural gas, China opts to import it as it produces it in small amounts and has few sites for its production. Some renewable energy plants are underway in their set up using China’s deep waters. The reforms in energy productions are now being fronted by the government of China. China also uses Uranium and nuclear energy as some sources of fuel.The major trading countries of energy with China include India, The US, Europe and many other countries. India happens to be another populous country neighboring China. Being the two most populated countries, they both share trade in energy. On average they are the world’s largest energy