Answer some questions around 300 words after read essay and watch video

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Please use around 300 words to discuss some of the questions below after watch the short movie and read the essay. please have some subjective opinion.4 questions:1. How does Wal-Mart exemplify business practices under neoliberalism?2. Can a corporation that is legally responsible only to maximize profit for its owners truly be “socially responsible?”3. In the same vein can we solely blame Wal-Mart for its behaviour or do we have to look to how we are governed – the policy choices and legal frameworks we have decided (or tolerated) to live under?4. Regarding the Maclean’s article and the documentary; why do we expect poverty-level wages to be the norm among big box stores? Is there any inherent reason why service jobs should not pay a livable wage? Is operating a machine in a factory really that different than operating a cash register?screening: WAL-MART: THE HIGH COST OF LOW PRICE “Wal-Marts Sick Memo” Barbaro, Michael, Greenhouse, Steve. Our Times.( Toronto: Nov 2005. Vol. 24, Iss. 5)p. 7“Why Wal-Mart is Good” SteveMaich. Maclean’s. (Toronto: Jul 25, 2005) Vol.118, Iss. 30; pg. 26, 8 pgs