Answer 5 of the 8 question for speech assighnment

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cal design, where one organizes the events that relate to the speech according to their significance, this would help in preventing one from leaving out anything vital.
Use of a preparation outline could also prove helpful. One could write an outline and some few points below it, and this would help one highlight the key points that could be used to support the message being passed. This could be supported by a delivery outline. Delivery outline would help a speaker remember the sequence or the way by which he intends to deliver the speech. This will help prevent one from straining while trying to remember the point that should follow (Pink, 2009). Finally, the speaker should make sure to remember the general purpose of the speech. Sometimes one may tend to be carried away by the speech, and forget to stick to the purpose of the speech. Thus, by putting the broad purpose in mind, the speaker will be able to focus on delivering the broad goal of the speech.
There are a number of ways by which one could gather resources so as to use as evidence in the speech. One of the methods could be to plagiarize. To plagiarize means to take ideas from another person, and deliver them as if they were one’s own. For example, one could borrow ideas from another person’s previous speech or a textbook, and deliver them to the audience as if they were one’s own (Pink, 2009).
Another way one could gather resources could be through periodical optional, where one gets information about a topic from a research aid, where different articles have been put together for research purpose. It could be from magazines or even journals. The internet is also another reliable way by which one could get resources or evidence for one speech. All one needs to do is just Google the topic or the word one intends to speak about, and information about it will be provided. An online database could also be beneficial in helping a speaker gather information for his speech. This is easily done through