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However, the book reached 489 pages manifesting the wealth of information told on the life and works of Faulkner. For readers who are genuinely interested to be apprised of the author’s biography, this book is a must read. Padgett, John B. William Faulkner. The Mississippi Writers Page. The University of Mississippi English Department. 2008. Web. 19 April 2011. Presented a discussion of William Faulkner in terms of providing information on his early years, his life as a failed poet, his being recognized through a Nobel laureate for literature, and finally being considered a statesman to the world. The information on the life and works of Faulkner were presented in a clearly structured format with related links and photographs taken of significant persons and events in the author’s life. More comprehensive in detailed information, the discourse provides crucial information on published works categorized as drama, fiction, non-fiction, poetry and scholarly editions. A list of selected bibliography is likewise available to interested readers who need additional information from a variety of scholarly sources. The information contained in this site and written by Padgett is a perfect source of verifiable information on Faulkner for readers who are immensely interested to dig deeper and learn from the life and works of the famous and highly awarded author. Petri Liukkonen, Petri and Pesonen, Ari. William (Cuthbert) Faulkner (1897-1962) – original surname until 1924 Falkner. 2008. Web. 19 April 2011. Proffered biographical details of the life of William Faulkner including educational background, work experiences and written works. Revealed some of Faulkner’s masterpieces in terms of identifying Absalom! Absalom! The Sound and the Fury (1929), stories created for screenplay and those that were made into film. A list of selected works concluded the discourse with some suggestions for further reading. The article is informative and easy to comprehend with excerpts provided from various works of Faulkner. Readers could benefit from the details provided which encompassed information on his personal life and relationships, as well as concise description of relevant literary works. Porter, Carolyn. William Faulkner: Lives and Legacies. Oxford University Press. 2007. Print. Presents a concise biographical discourse on the life and works of William Faulkner with only four chapters starting from his youth and apprenticeship, parts one and two of his major years as a literary writer, and snopes and beyond. The famous works entitled As I Lay Dying, Sanctuary, amp. Light in August formed part one of Faulkner’s major years that significantly marked highlights of his remarkable career as a writer. The works such as Absalom, Absalom! and Go Down, Moses formed the second part of the author’s legendary life as a literary artist where Porter averred that Faulkner pursued an often feverish process of increasingly ambitious narrative experimentation, coupled with an equally ambitious thematic expansion, as he moved from a close-up study of the white nuclear family, both lower and upper class, to an epic vision of