Annotated Bibliography Mojave Rattlesnake

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** Instructions**** Topic**- Mojave RattlesnakeTo make a Annotated Bibliography in APA!!! Format**Must have 3 sources**( Cite each source properly)** Summary of each source- What is the purpose of the source, review article, original research? What topics are covered? This section is generally 4-6 sentences that summarize the author’s main point. Please note that less than 10% of your annotated bibliography should contain direct quotes**** Evaluation of each source- After summarizing the article (or research paper or book), it is necessary to evaluate it and state where you found it – its source (e.g., journal, website, etc.). Briefly answer the following questions in 4-6 sentences:What is the format or type of source (e.g., peer-reviewed journal paper, website, book)? How reliable is the information in the article, and how credible is the source (e.g., website’s sponsoring organization, journal or book publisher) and the author(s)?25/04/202015english