Analzying group process

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Analyzing Group Process Table of Contents Table of Contents 2 Overview 3 Solution 3 Solution 2 3 Solution 3 4 Solution 4 4 Solution 5 5 Bibliography 6OverviewA group discussion has been organized among a group of teen agers who are eager to discuss about their future and their career. The group comprised of six members. The members were Nelson, Allen, Perez, Davis, Kathrin and Megan. Presently high school students, all of them were very enthusiastic and energetic. The positive side of this discussion is that they all are very ambitious which was beneficial to keep the flow of the conversation. The focus of the group was to find out the most effective course for them which will help them in their career. It is necessary to mention here that all students are belonging accounts background. Solution 1 The group was trying to reach to a consensus which would be accepted by all the group members. At the beginning, all of them stated with their own desirousness. After a while, instead of thinking about one’s own choice, they shifted their focus to a particular solution which may serve or fulfill all members’ requirement. Ultimately the group was trying to come up with a particular solution as per the demand and requirement of the group.Solution 2All the members did not perform at par. Few of them had excellent command over language and had guts to establish their view over other participants. From the beginning of the discussion, it has been noticed that Nelson and Kathrin had leadership quality. As both of them clearly stated their views and they also provided opportunities to Perez to give his verdict who did not properly participate because of shyness. Apart from these, three other participants were good as per the communication level but Megan and Allen always tried to suppress other to make their statement more prominent. This attitude brought in inconsistency with in the discussion. Regarding Davis, though he is not able to show the leadership attitude but he has followed all such techniques through which flow of the communication has not been affected. Solution 3 At the middle of the discussion, Megan added one topic which was a bit relevant with the topic. That is the education system of developing countries. But later on she began to emphasis on that topic only which made the discussion out of track and interrupted in the flow of the communication. Next, Kathrin takes the responsibility to get back to the actual track by avoiding that topic and gain the attention of the other members towards the actual topic. During the discussion Davis, Nelson and Kathrin addressed few of the past statistics related to the courses and the current education system which made the discussion more fruitful.Solution 4Here, I would like to add two things. Kathrin who showed her leadership quality through the discussion had a strong knowledge in this field as her parents are engaged with the course of accountancy. Therefore, she added effective statistical data. She also referred that recent changes have been inculcated into the courses. According to me, this issue is the most significant sources of influence.Solution 5The prime learning from this discussion is that how to maintain the flow of communication through discussing the relevant points and how efficiently the irrelevant points can be avoided. Apart from that the importance of the statistical data and its effect on the topic has been understood.Incase of decision making and problem solving discussion, at first I will try to understand the core problem which has to be solved or on what the decision has to be taken. And in such kind of discussion, it is important to hear every one’s view carefully and at last, I will try to take the initiative to conclude with a particular solution and justify it. The solution should be such that it can be accepted by majority of the group.BibliographyForsyth, Donelson, R. Group Dynamics. Cengage Learning, 2009.Hargie, Owen. The Handbook of Communication Skills. Routledge, 1997.