Analyzing different sides of an ussue

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Analyzing different sides of an issue There are people who think that when a couple divorces, it is the court that should resolve all custody issues with regard to the children. There are several points which might be brought up to support this position. To begin with, the court can objectively assess the situation and make sure that in the long run the child will benefit from staying with one particular parent. Indeed, the court might request data that describes the actual state of affairs of every parent and based on this decide whether one of them will be able to ensure a good future for the child.Secondly, which is rather obvious, the court in not personally involved in the process of divorce and has not feeling with regard to any other parents. Unlike children who are likely to be guided by affection, the court is able to make an adequate judgment. It would not be a mistake to suggest that the divorce is a traumatic event in live of a child. so, the latter can hardly make a well supported decision.Thirdly, one of the benefits of making the court decide the future of the children of a divorced couple lies in the fact that this decision is often regarded as final. In other words, if a child chooses one particular parent, the other might dismiss this decision and require a hearing in court. Nevertheless, if the latter is responsible for giving custody rights to a parent, the other part is not likely to object.