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Management, Analyzing Assignment The approach that is used to conduct quality research is to assess the company and the surroundings. Furthermore, it will be crucial to analyze the requirements of a particular company. For example, for the painting company to expand globally, it must be concerned with the economic and political concerns that may arise during the expansion. Expansion of a company means that its operations are also expanding. The company extends to other regions where it has not reached initially. Any business is affected by the politics of the surrounding. It is thus imperative that the company knows well the politics of the people who surrounds the business. When the business is expanding, it must take into consideration political concern of the surroundings in order to operate efficiently. The surrounding politics determine whether the company will continue operating or not. For example, when the company is expanding, it must consider such things as the environmental conservation and employment of the local people. If the company is expanding, but it is not given the local priority in employment, it might be faced with politics from the company (Nordhaus,2009). In fact, the local politics might force the company to close down if the pressure from the local people is unsustainable. Thus, for the company to be efficient after expanding in its operations, it must take into consideration the politics of the surrounding people. It needs to analyze the needs of those people for it to expand and operate efficiently.The economic status of the surrounding people also determines whether the company is expanding. For the painting company to grow, it needs to take into concern the economic status of its surrounding (Nordhaus,2009). If the surrounding people are poor, then the expansion of the company might be hard. The economic status of the surrounding determines the purchasing power of those people. It is thus important that the company analyze the economic status of the surrounding people before it expands its operations.ReferencesNordhaus,W.D., Kokkelenberg,E.C., amp. National Research Council (U.S.). (2009).Natures numbers: Expanding the national economic accounts to include the environment. Washington, DC: National Academy Press.