Analyze two poems

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Poems have particular structures and require the appropriate utilization of language in order to depict the feelings of the poet but still maintain the basic poetic nature. Such features do not change and has not changed through time since the earliest poets such John Donne employed them in their poems and so are the modern day poets as discussed in the essay below. Poems tell stories by addressing specific features of the society. They do these by analyzing the social occurrences in the form of thematic issues, which the poets analyze poetically and represent in their works while maintaining the relativity of thought and feelings enjoyed by artists. John Donne did this in his two works in which he portrays several thematic issues. In The Legacy, the poet discussed the gravity of separation, relationships break, and families separate for different reasons. Such separations are always sad and emotion. The pot discusses this using several social factors which he feels best describe the feelings people have whoever separated by their loved ones (Donne 31). Among the social factors, he sues in discussing the importance and gravity of separation is death. Death is a social phenomenon that has been in the society since time immemorial. Humans feel pain whenever they lose their loved ones to death. John Donne thus compares the pain his separation creates to that of his death (Carey 54). He does the same with The Flea in which he discusses sexual sin. Sex just as death in the Legacy has been a part of humanity since time immemorial. People attach immense importance to sexual relations and so does John Donne in the poem. The persona in the poem tries to convince a woman to sleep with him and in doing so. the persona explains his belief in relation to sexual intercourse. He for example explains that during the intercourse their blood would mingle thus making them one. In composing the poem, the author discusses several social and physical phenomena that help describe the nature of his society. One of such is Christianity, religion. By personifying the flea, the poet represents the trinity a basis of the Christianity. He uses the flea and its blood sucking nature to portray the mingling of human blood during sexual intercourse. Poems have natural features that help them qualify as such. As a renowned poet, John Donne portrays immense understanding of the structure and features of poetry thus employ them effectively. Among the important features of poetry and poems is the need for rhythm. Rhythm refers to the specific sound patterns that poems have thus making their recital easier. The poet employs different poetic elements in establishing rhythm in his poems. Among the most evident elements, he uses are rhymes and the use of chorus among many others. Rhymes are an essential aspect of poems that help develop the rhythm thus making recital of poems easier. The poetic element refers to the use of words with similar sound patterns in the lines of a stanza. The words placed at the end of the lines should have similar sound patterns during pronunciation thus helping recite the poems as they lead the audience from a line to the next. Rhymes thus have patterns and The Flea has one definite rhyme patterns throughout the entire poem. The first two lines end in a similarly sounding word as so are the second two lines as the poem progresses. Such a pattern is known as the aa, bb, cc, dd, ee. The poet creates the