Analyze two companise in terms of business level strategy and corporate level strategy

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So, in order to succeed with its business, Hy-Vee has a tangible diversification approach for the following reasons.
Firstly, it is clearly from the stated objectives and goals of the company, that it is a company customer oriented, and also has an employee-owned approach. These features can be considered as an approach of this company to differentiate from the other competitors, because in most cases a mature market is also very competitive.
Secondly, it has a focus on organic food, diet considerations and most importantly on health and environment. Their approach can be seen also on the services and information provided on their web page, which offers a range of ideas for meals, diet, and makes a vital connection between food and health. Nowadays, when there are so many diseases and in the entire world there is an issue related to eating disorders and obese persons, the linkage to health plays an important role.
Moreover, it has gained an award related to promotion of healthy lifestyle, so this is an important point of this company compared with its competitors. This strategy, which is long-term oriented, would be important for the company, in order to maintain its market share on the United States Market.
Hy-Vee’s strategy is focusing on the entire market, but also on specific markets such as the one of organic food. Although, in recent years have been observed an increase orientation for organic food, the market is not entirely developed, so Hy-Vee has a competitive advantage, and it should also develop more on this field.
Furthermore, in gaining market share a strategy that this company uses is related to its reputation. This company has an image of having sincere business practices and also is a provider of high-quality products. In this way it maintains a good relationship with its customers and suppliers. The high-quality of the products is well