Analyze iPhone in the Context of Broader Corporate Design

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As the world becomes more and more globalized and markets become more and more integrated, it has become critically important for corporate designers to align their work to the global perspective since now the average corporation and its products do not cater to one region, locality or peoples but they cater to the global landscape, numerous different regions and localities, and peoples. Since all of these regions and their people are different, the corporate designers of today have to be extremely careful that the brand image of the corporation and the brand image of its products is such it has universal appeal for the target audience of the corporation and the products it manufactures. The Apple iPhone also falls under a corporate design because it holds a certain brand image and identity that have been carefully crafted for it since its launch. This brand image can initially be credited to its corporate designers and subsequently to its performance in the market and its quality and performance as judged by its target market. The Apple iPhone has its own identity. like most Apple products, its name is preceded by the letter ‘i’, furthermore, the Apple iPhone has a unique, sleek, yet user-friendly design and features that its loyal customers adore and love using. The iPhone’s corporate design, therefore, is an essential feature that lends to why new customers and old customers of Apple Inc. alike will remain loyal to the iPhone as a brand. The corporate design of the Apple iPhone thus becomes a positive feature for it and adds to its value as a branded product. People who buy the iPhone are well aware of its image and sometimes are even buying the product because having it in their possession might lend some of the glamour from the product’s brand image to their personal images. A person who uses the iPhone or in a more broad context, Apple Inc. products are thought of and seen by other people as tech-savvy and modern, somebody who moves and updates themselves with every technological update in this fast-moving, modern world. Thus, a person who has an iPhone in his/her possession is modern, hip, and technologically up to date and that is how the iPhone’s corporate identity adds to the personal identity of the person who owns an iPhone.