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Essay requirements:5-6 pages (1300 words, 1600 words max)MLA essay format12 size, Times New Roman FontDouble Spaced**Thesis**Microsoft Word DocumentCreative/unique titleTextual evidence to support claims/thesisTwo research-basedsources from MDC databaseEssay Directions:The student will select a short story from the ones we have studied in class and analyze that short story. Students must take the following into consideration: themes, symbolism, diction, patterns, and literary devices found in the story.The student’s thesis will make an assertion about the short story by using textual evidence to support claims, and then explaining what that evidence means in relation to the story. The student must also include twoliterary criticisms within thepaper to further deepen their analysis. Literary Research Paper Criteria Ratings Pts MLA 20.0to <15.0pts Full Marks Student follows all MLA guidelines for citation and references with no virtually errors. 15.0to <10.0pts Pretty Good Student follows MLA guidelines for citation and references with few major errors. 10.0to <5.0pts Needs Work Student neglects MLA guidelines for citation and references. There are numerous errors. 5.0to <0pts Poor Student fails to provide documentation for sources. 20.0pts Purpose & Thesis 35.0to <28.0pts Full Marks The author's purpose is clear, and the central argument is compelling, well articulated, and supported with evidence and logical reasoning. 28.0to <18.0pts Pretty Good The author's purpose is implicit; a central argument is provided; claims are usually supported. 18.0to <10.0pts Needs Work The author's purpose is unclear; the central argument is unclear, vague, and/or not stated. Claims are not clearly supported. 10.0to <0pts Poor No thesis or direction for paper evident. 35.0pts Engagement with Sources 35.0to <28.0pts Full Marks Critical understanding of the texts is demonstrated. The author examines consonances and dissonances between the texts, with clear connections throughout the texts to argue their thesis. 28.0to <18.0pts Pretty Good Accurate understanding of the texts is demonstrated. The author discusses the relations between the text's ideas and makes some connections. 18.0to <10.0pts Needs Work Superficial understanding is demonstrated. The author notes some connections between the texts 10.0to <0pts Poor The author demonstrates poor understanding of the texts and does not effectively engage the relationships between texts. 35.0pts Development of Ideas 35.0to <28.0pts Full Marks The analysis provides fresh insights of the texts. The analysis uses the sources to both support and complicate their argument. The writer challenges readers to look at the texts and their relationship in a new way. 28.0to <18.0pts Pretty Good The writer uses the sources to support their argument, the writer guides readers to a deeper understanding of the texts and their relationship. 18.0to <5.0pts Needs Work The analysis is unfocused and/or offers only superficial discussions of the texts. 5.0to <0pts No Marks The analysis is poor because discussion is entirely summative, unfocused, or tangential in nature. 35.0pts Academic Writing Style 25.0to <20.0pts Full Marks The writing is appropriately academic in tone/style and is virtually free of grammatical and mechanical errors. 20.0to <15.0pts Pretty Good The writing is academic in style and contains only a few grammatical and mechanical errors. 15.0to <5.0pts Needs Work The writing style may not be appropriate to academic contexts; it contains numerous, repeated errors. 5.0to <0pts Poor The writing style is inappropriate and contains numerous distracting errors. 25.0pts Paragraphs and Organization 25.0to <20.0pts Full Marks The paragraphs are structured according to a logical trajectory, clarified by explicit transitions. Sentences build logically and are coherent. 20.0to <15.0pts Pretty Good Paragraphs are generally cohesive and coherent, with minor lapses. Some paragraphs may lack clear transitions to pull it together. 15.0to <5.0pts Needs Work Paragraphs are not quite cohesive and coherent. There are major gaps and weak or unclear transitions make the essay difficult to follow at times. 5.0to <0pts Poor The essay's structure jumps around, leaving the audience confused. 25.0pts Research 25.0to <10.0pts Full Marks Student includes the 2 required (or more) literary based research articles for the paper. 10.0to <0.0pts Needs Work Student includes 1 literary based research article. 0.0pts No Marks Student did not include any literary based research. 25.0pts Total Points:200.0