Analysis of Two Articles about Measures to Reclaim Local Food Systems and Reverberations that Nestle Deserves for Its Actions

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Summary Article This article gives a report on measures to reclaim local food systems. It is well displayed that local food systems are on a trend that is not satisfying. The main reason for this is the fact that control over the seeds, production and processing of the local foods is narrowed due to participation of fewer people. However, several communities across Europe have united and made efforts to present better ways of curbing the situation. They include the Avicultura campesina in Spain, which focuses on agroecological chicken cooperative to support local products, Gruppi di Acquisto Solidale in Italy which makes production decisions that support a direct relationship between producers and consumers, La Ruche Qui Dit Oui of France which creates a platform for the producers and consumers to work together, among others. These examples have set a path that others are encouraged to follow so as to reclaim the production of local foods.Article 2In California, active politicians have expressed intensive demand for due reverberations that Nestle deserves for its actions. After proper investigations, it was realized that Nestle had been running its activities of piping water from a national forest in California, on basis of a long expired permit, which has on top of that brought about drought. The government is urged therefore to thoroughly investigate the company. It was stated that Nestle required to be brought to an immediate halt from bottling and exporting water during the drought season. It was added that it would not make sense to allow the big company to move on with profiting itself in the expense of the level of water supply in the nation. Water is one of the most precious resources that a nation cannot afford to limit to its citizens. Stiff action was therefore demanded with urgency.