Analysis Of The Vietnam In Me And In The Lake Of The Woods

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Many of his works give a fair account of wartime such works as "The things they carried," "If I die in a combat zone," "Going after Cacciato," and, of course, "In the lake of the woods". The author cannot omit to write about what is in his mind and what is haunting his thoughts day after day and night after night even after years since the last war action. O’Brien managed to embed historical events into a mystery novel which seemed to have nothing to do with the war. The story about John and Kathy must have been some love story with the happy ending and not detective story with numerous reminiscences into John’s or rather Tim’s past. The reality the author recreates is that of a simple ordinary soldier and a writer-genius in one person, Tim O’Brien.Furthermore, having analyzed the plotline of the novel, it should be stressed that the reader can easily associate himself/herself with the main character of the story. The background of Kathy and John’s story can be similar to that of any other American couple: a husband who serves in the military and participates in different war actions and wife who lives her own life waiting in constantly worries for her beloved one. These husband and wife do not expect anything bad to happen to their relationship, as they both are devoted to each other doing their duties and being honest. However, our lives are constantly in danger of being effect by different external sources which have nothing to do with our personal expectations, morality, and life views.