Analysis of the Current Practice in the Construction Process

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In this section, I will talk about the main problem situation regarding the lacking of implementation in the construction process and management. In this section, I will discuss the main problem situation and its possible effects regarding the effective construction process management and handling.
The trouble that causes a serious hurdle in the construction industry is the lack of communication. In this scenario, the worker and management are ignorant of the in-progress state of the development of the construction site. We also have less interaction in case of on-site construction management.
Then we have the most important problem on the subject of the data transfer. In the absence of the ICT tools, it is tremendously complicated to supervise and handle the construction process. The on-time data movement is really indispensable for on-time project handling. For instance, we have traced a new alignment regarding roof settlement. This data requires instantaneous transfer to access the new construction strategy or handling information.
There is also the main problem regarding the less effective management of the overall human resource on the site. In the presence of the ICT tools, we would be able to handle the overall workforce in a better way. The customary way of construction lacks the on-site labor communication and handling of the overall construction resource.
Next main problem in absence of ICT tools is regarding the effective resource management and handling on the site. In this scenario, the construction site resources are managed manually that is more time consuming and complicated task.
In the field construction, we have no observation means for the overall workforce performance. This means that workers are working in separation and there is no check on their performance assessment.
The automotive vehicle tracking and management are not possible in the overall scenario.
IT in Construction
In this section, I will talk about the implementation of the most modern developed information-based technology in the construction industry. This technology has changed on the whole working structure and configuration of the construction market. Now the methods of construction engross more enhanced tools and techniques regarding the overall development of the construction business (Sarshar et al, 2004).
This carrying out of the information technology in the field of construction business projected an innovative approach to enhance the construction developments in the course of utilization of mobility and information technology. This policy intended to build up effectiveness, consequently, reducing expenditure as well as a time of the resources facilities procurement practice. It is as well intended to build up the freedom of structuring or capability, meeting customers’ needs. The role of ICT in the vision of the construction business was presented, and a multi-step technique was planned for carrying about a balanced acceptance through the business of IT (Arayici et al, 2005).