Analysis of the Chapter Take Off of Hard Landing

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From that time lots of changes took place in this field as many people tried to explore it. As the changes took place rapidly so did the controversies occurred which was not good for the reputation of many people. Controversies involved many people and the institutions as well like the Civil Aeronautics Board (CAB). Changes were also made on the presidential level in CAB as the officials of CAB were involved in misconduct (Hard Landing).
In this story, it is also discussed that as more people were involved in this field changes in the airplanes also took place. Many luxuries were provided to the people so that they can be facilitated. The readings were very interesting as they shared knowledge about the history of flights and how the lives of the pilots changed after the success of flights. From the readings, it is observed that this field has a big impact on the industry as many changes have taken place because of the additions in the flights.&nbsp.&nbsp.