Analysis of Tamworth Transport Company

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The stakeholders:
The customers
The workers unions
Direct labor workers
Management team
Suppliers of new automobiles and other parts
The lenders

Operational objectives:
Increase production capacity
Meet quality standards
Increase the speed of production
Satisfy the needs of its employees
To lower the cost of production
Implementation plan:
negotiate 5-10 year a labor contract with unions
research new facilities for future expansion
recruit new employees
notify supplies of expansion to ensure they have the capacity to meet a greater demand

Corporate Strategy:

The strategic focus of the company is to find viable long term growth strategies that will the firm to increase its revenue stream. This strategy involves a series of operating adjustment that must consider things such as buying new equipment and labor considerations. The growth strategy should be accompanied by a sound financial plan to ensure profitability is not a loss by expanding the company’s operations.

Project Champion / Steering Committee:

The company is currently undergoing a managerial meeting to find solutions for the goal of achieving greater growth. The top seven managers are present there. It seems the company needs help due to the fact they are steering off course and wasted two days discussing short term operating problems. The company needs to hire a consultant to help them. If a board of directors exists it should be involved in the process. A representative from each of the worker unions should be present as well to provide added insight that could be helpful in finding a solution. The project champion should be an external consultant.

Project Specification:
Sign off – The current project requires a detailed plan of how the company is going to achieve growth in the long term. The person who is ultimately responsible for the project is the founder of the company, John Bigboss. He is the person that is supposed to sign off on the project.
Includes – the project should include an evaluation of the current operation, market research, viability study, and financial projections.