Analysis Of HR Strategy Of Seagate Technologies

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Apart from that the company also has its relationship with potential distributors who sell their products to other small OEMs which have their operations in manufacturing and integrating systems on small scale (Seagate-website A, n.d.).The primary focus of the company remains on their core activities of research and development with emphasis on the customer relationship and quality management. The company has its well developed long and short-term plans which support its decision-making process. This indicates that the company has significant involvement of strategic approaches into its business functions and operations.The present case is the analysis of the human resource strategy and its evaluation considering the various internal and external factors of the organization. The evaluation of the case also analyzes the roles and responsibilities of organizational members towards the successful implementation of the human resource strategies of the organization. Apart from the organizational point of view, the strategies have also been assessed on the basis of the factors which are external to the organization but have the potential impact over the decision-making process and the human resource strategy of the organization.The strategic approach towards the human resource management has resulted into many positive outcomes for organizations but still, it has remained a debatable issue in terms of its applicability and effectiveness. Organizations still find it difficult to understand the co-factors which relate to the SHRM. Sometimes authors consider SHRM as a concept within itself for human resource management only while some researchers have indicated that SHRM has its relation to the organizational effectiveness.