Analysis of French wine comeback fuels market scrap

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In terms of analysis of the current situation and the recommendation for CCVF wine, the PEST analysis shows that the government of France and the other European Union governments are have created an environment that is conducive to the prosperity of the wine fermenting business in these countries. The peaceful environment in all the European Union States will hasten business transactions in the wine making business.
Also, the economic condition in France and the neighboring European Union member states shows that there is an economic slowdown because the demand for wine products has shifted to alternative products. Thus, there is an overstock of wine products in the wine basements and the grocery stores. Also, inflation has plays a small part in the economic situation here. Thus, since there is no strong demand for wine products, the sales growth in wine products has stymied in these European Union places. Socially, the company has to include the different cultures and practices of current and prospective customers in countries around the world in their marketing strategy. The company has to advertise its wine products in television, radio and newspapers infusing the local cultures and traditions in order to get not only the sales but also the hearts of the current and prospective customers. Technologically, the wine making process has been preserved through the years. However, the marketing strategy then has been remaining stagnant and needs to change in order to keep up with the competing products like beer, rhum and other spirits.