Analysis of Five Internet Sites Related to Language Development

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Responses of growing children at specific age ranges are well defined in this chart. The first section deals with children below six months of age when vocalization and cognition of vocal stimuli begin to manifest. The child is able to discern between friendly and angry tones. In the next six months and by the end of first-year children begin to use fragmented or whole monosyllables for communication and begin to comprehend the social value of verbal communication. After the elapse of another six months the child has a vocabulary of approximately 5-20 words, develops the habit of repeating words over and over and starts following simple commands. Vocabulary increases in the subsequent months although volume and pitch of the voice are often not well controlled. By the end of three years, the child starts making intelligible use of verbs as well and develops reasoning ability. Cognitive ability is enhanced as the child attains the age of 5 years and can speak about things not present in its immediate environment. Speech at this stage is usually grammatically correct and the child comprehends the concept of time. Subsequent years result in dramatic developments and by the age of 8 years, the child is expected to read and write as well. At this stage pitch and volume of the uttered sentences are well developed and can carry out healthy conversations. The site provides further links to parents to develop better communication with their offsprings and handle speech and language problems at the right stage. It highlights the role of parents as instruments in assisting their children to develop better language skills. The site hosted by the popular search engine ‘’ has a scholarly article on language development in the early years by Kimberly L. Keith, under the major title of Child Parenting.