Analysis of Article about Global Warming

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The text has added many new things to the information I had about the topic, global warming. I never associated migration with global warming. I did learn that most induced migrations are environmental and this results in mass emergency movements and requires large scale assistance from a humanitarian. I was not very much aware of the need to conserve the environment, but after reading this article, I have now learned that we need to conserve the environment due to the adverse negative effects climate change imposes on people. Through this article, I understand much better the ways through which environmental change may impact either directly on migration or in combination with other factors most likely. I also understand the negative impacts of climate change and migration especially on the receiving communities, which has to absorb spontaneous migrants. I also understand possible recommendations that need to be carried out. For example …Given the current gaps, more attention needs to be placed on identifying and testing new frameworks for managing potential movements. Attention needs to be given to both sides of the environment and migration nexus: identifying adaptation strategies that allow people to remain where they currently live and work, and identifying resettlement strategies that protect people’s lives and livelihoods when they are unable to remain (Martin 410).The journal article majorly addresses global warming, climate change, migration, and governance. Dr. Susan Martin has addressed in her article evidence on climate change, migration, and governance. She has talked about the availability of coping capacities and livelihood in the regions affected which determines generally the form and scale of migration that may be witnessed. The articles also assert that the slow onset events like rising sea levels and intensified drought have the lowest urgency to migrate compared to natural disasters like cyclones, hurricanes, and typhoons, or human conflicts and disasters because of the environment, as well as the harm in it, changes more slowly.