Analysis of Al Qahtani versus Osama Habeas Corpus Petition

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On December 15, 2001, one Mr.Mohammed al Qahtani, who was a Saudi citizen was arrested and detained by the authorities on the Pakistan-Afghanistan border, shortly thereafter the transferred to the U.S. forces custody on December 26, 2001. He was later or transferred to Cuba-Quantánamo, where al Qahtani was subjected to the aggressive techniques of interrogation which was approved under the consent of the former defense Secretary.

Military personnel at Guantánamo started a new and more brutal interrogation era for the petitioner. The intelligence personnel were to apply the training method, program, termed as “SERE”. This program was intended to teach soldiers how to resist the methods of torture employed to them by the enemies. But in Guantanamo, the situation was different because the intelligence was to apply the training techniques on al Qahtani.

It has been shown that the officers involved in this new interrogation program, had been made to attend what is known as SERE training at Fort Bragg. The dates they undertook the training are also on record as having commenced on September 16 and proceeding up to 20th, September 2006. After these details came to light, Criminal Investigation Task Force leaders September 2002 issued written orders barring their operatives from using the SERE techniques for interrogation.&nbsp.&nbsp.

It was also shown that in October 2002, interrogators used military dogs to intimidate al Qahtani during interrogation. It was also on record that the FBI Deputy Assistant Director T.J. Harrington made a report saying that in November 2002 he had observed a detainee exhibiting symptoms of what he termed as “extreme psychological trauma.” It was later shown that the detainee was in fact identified as being Mr. al Qahtani during his detention.

It is not on record anywhere showing that Al Qahtani was ever given a break from interrogation or isolation during this period despite his traumatizing experience.