Analysis Of Advertisements Commercials Promoting

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As it follows from the adverts under analysis, Gillette’s target audience is men who belong to different age groups. but the men Gillette targets are not ordinary, they are the best, they are the men who are daring. Gillette Venus, in its turn, target women interested in consuming beauty products who seek comfort, appreciation and who are concerned about how they both look and feel. With the aim to reach their target audience, the following kinds of appeal are used in the advertisement of Gillette for men: emotional (social and personal), rational, masculine, and music appeal. The advertisement triggers such personal emotions as a pride of being a man, boosts self-esteem and stimulates to act by representing the male character as independent and a bit aggressive. A masculine appeal is used in the same way. The rational appeal focuses on males’ needs, and with this idea in mind, advertisers emphasize the features and characteristics of the product in a way that its use would be beneficial for a male customer. Finally, the use of music appeal helps increase the persuasiveness of the advertisement and once again highlight the benefits of the product as the soundtrack to James Bond movies is used. In the Gillette Venus advertisement, emotional (social and personal) and rational appeals are used. Social factors that are highlighted in the advertisement include aspects of recognition, approval, acceptance, which result from the way a woman looks.