Analysis of Adidas Company Website

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The presentation of the memo is done by our group in which everyone has been allocated the point to illustrate the rhetoric devices.
If I present alone, I shall handle the whole topic. We had initially presented as a group privately in preparation for a thorough presentation to the audience. Further to that, we allocated our roles in a random manner since everyone in the group had a good grasp of the entire topic of rhetoric analysis of the website selected. The intention of the memo is to make the audience understand how rhetorical analysis is done. I intend to present my memo to my audience in a clear and understandable way. I have chosen to analyze:, which is an Addidas company website. Everyone will concur with me that they like Addidas brands. Because this website is simple and accessible to everybody interested in the Addidas brands, the websites provoke those interested in the company and instills in them an urge to use the company products ( 2012. However, it achieves its purpose partially but there is still a chance to capture more users of the website. This will be achievable if the corporation alters the background of the homepage to be bright and captivating. By doing this, they will capture more youths who happens to be the main proprietors of Addidas products.
It is commonly referred to as Logos. The intention of this is to form a cognitive response. An example is if an individual has never visited the website, they will be able to easily understand how to use the website. In this text, the homepage of the website is only designed and is made up of several features.&nbsp.Additionally, the search bar that is found on the top side of the homepage, and its purpose is to search for something specific. An example is searching for the price of a certain size of a shoe. It is used when searching for a product that you are sure of is a product of Addidas Company.