Analysis of a group decisionmaking

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It is interesting to learn how they will agree or disagree with ideas brought up in their discussions and how they finalize their decisions as a team.
It is also important to observe how some people can dominate the group and influence group behavior and decisions. Studying groups with diverse membership, which is defined by Rothwell (2010) as the “proportional representation by culture, ethnicity, gender and age” (p. 75), is very beneficial because so much can be learned from each unique member. How each contributes to the group is important to study, as they may be responsible in the creation of group norms.
Leadership style is another thing that can be learned from studying groups. There have been several leadership styles identified, and some styles may be suitable in some groups and not in others. Since the group being studied is concerned about the welfare of young children, it is also interesting which leadership style would work for such group because the members may adopt them with the young children, so it should be something positively influential.
This was a group of professionals and staff working with very young children in my daughter’s early childhood center. They are tasked to care and educate them in the period when they are in the early childhood center which.
The players are four preschool teachers, two teacher assistants and the directress of the early childhood center. These people have been working together for more than 3 years and they have various work experiences and length of service to the center. The teachers have been working professionally for 2 to 10 years, the teacher assistants from 3 to 5 years and the directress has been working in the center for 12 years. She is a seasoned early childhood professional with 20 years working experience. It is obvious that she is the leader of the group. I was a parent of a