Analysis of a Business Narrative

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Both, Baidu and Google history describes the story of their origins. However, narrative style adapted to describe their history of origination by both companies, is quite different (Reissman, 1993). It is very important for any narrative to have a plot, a central idea, theme on which the entire construction of narration relies. The plot for business narratives can change according to the customer’s response and needs for that particular company. For example, if a company wants to build an emotional connection with its customers, it will try to make the narrative empathetic and would demonstrate the understanding of emotional, social and cultural values. Similarly, if a company emphasizes on the product, it will focus on its product development procedure and how that product can help provide the consumers with the solutions they want (Fritz, 2008). By keeping the above mentioned key point. Baidu search engine narrative and Google timeline is analyzed. Baidu narrative chooses an emotional plot. It shows cultural connection through one of the poem of the Song Dynasty. Then it further describes, as to how this search engine is best suited to the Chinese people as it is sensitive to the various nuances of the Chinese language. Consequently, Google narrative also builds an emotional connection with its consumers, but the style varies. … The way the story of Google’s initial years is written, it develops a sense of familiarity for American youth. Almost every university student and graduate in America can identify the sentiments for aims, fears, and unleashed zeal to achieve targets and to find a person who shares the same dream as yours and who works along to fulfill those dreams. The story for Google tells the consumer how this conglomerate was started as a university project by two students, who were no different than the average student today. Thus, it develops a relation of similarity with it users by describing the originators as average students. The timeline mentions every person who has been associated with Google in its initial years, even the cook. This shows the emphasis on the element of respect and contribution for even the smallest participation by people who chose to believe in the company at a time when there was no guarantee of success. By telling the story of its inception in a simple manner and recognizing the input of every person, Google conveys the idea of valuing its employees and their contribution even if it’s of a meager kind. Thus, Google considers its employees as an asset, which are important enough to be mentioned in its history. The company conveys the idea of following one’s dream, even if there are numerous hardships and obstacles along the way. The story of Google is a perfect example of how a small startup, which started in a garage, has now become the world’s largest search engine. The company went against the odds, and even though there was competition present in the form of Yahoo and MSN, Google still managed to create a place for itself. Google’s startup and its values represent American culture from which