Analysis and evaluation of the three different movies Men with Guns The Official Story The Judge and the General

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This innocent perspective is what makes Fuentes, as well as the audience, understand what is going on in the environment displayed in the movie. The character of the army deserter joins Fuentes and the boy, and he is used to enhance the image of the brutality of the various armed groups. It is said that this deserter could no longer bear to be a part of torture and murder that were being committed by the military, and this led to his desertion. In addition, another character that joins this small group is that of a priest who is guilt ridden. This priest can be said to be a representation of the Church in the country where the movie is set. When one considers the atrocities being committed by the armed groups, it shows that the Church in this country has failed in its duty of maintaining peace among the people, through uniting them in a common belief. Therefore, this can be the reason why the priest left his duties in the first place because he felt that he could no longer perform them effectively. The encounter of this group with two American tourists, and the ignorance of these tourists of the atrocities being committed by the government and rebel forces in this country is an image of the ignorance that is displayed by the international community when such crimes are committed. The two tourists are a sign of the inaction of the international community to stop the brutality which people in the rural areas live with in such conflicts. The international community tends to be remarkably ignorant of what goes on in countries, which experience civil wars. They only display an interest when it is found that their interests in such countries are threatened. The latter is exactly what happens with the two American tourists. They are… The Official StoryThe Official Story is a movie set in Chile at a time when the Pinochet regime was still in power. It is set in a background where this rightwing regime was cracking down on some of its citizens. These were suspected of colluding with the leftist forces to take over the state. Thousands of people were arrested by the police, and many of them were tortured and murdered, disappearing without a trace. It was a time when families were forcefully split, as the government took parents away from their children and had them murdered. The children whose parents were murdered were taken by the government, and given to those officials who did not have children as rewards. This movie, therefore, is a story of one such a situation, and the events, which took place in a wife’s bid to discover the real parents of her adopted daughter. It reflective story of what was undergone by the families of those who lost their children, and those which adopted these children as their own. It is a display of the turmoil going on in the country reflected in the homes of officials in the Pinochet government. Many of the wives of the regime officials, who had adopted children, did not know where these children had come from, because their husbands kept it a secret from them. This movie shows the determinations of a wife not only to discover her daughter’s origins, but also to discover what was happening in her country.