Analyses of Advertisements of Old Spice Dolce &amp

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Gabbana, Cannery Row and OthersThe women can, therefore, relate to the image of a woman watching over the children as displayed in the advert. The image transparency makes it resemble a window reflection as if the woman is looking out for her children while seated in her condo inside a room while happy and smiling.
The woman looks relaxed implying that Cannery Row is the best place to make the ladies relaxed and have time to enjoy. According to the ladies design and make-up, it is evident that the advert is meant for upper-class women. The woman is holding a cup of coffee wearing pearl earrings, a large diamond ring, an expensive shirt and a gold watch. This is an implication that Cannery Row as a place that accommodates vacation for only rich people. Therefore expect high charges in every service provided by Cannery Row. The children at the beach look jovial, free and getting along well. The happiness seems to be brought along by the environment which is conducive and lovely. They are relaxed because they feel free and jovial despite the absence of their mother giving an image of comfort, discreet, remote or exclusive and more appealing environment.
This was an advert placed in Men’s Health magazine in the year 2004 by McDonald and Real Lettuce. This is the centrepiece of the new McDonald menu that was being advertised in the summer period. In the advert, lettuce looms over two elements and a comment card with a question concerning lettuce is from a female smiling customer (McDonalds Corporation 2004)2. A friendly reply note is also seen from McDonald’s. An interpretation of the advert in a superficial manner points out that McDonald with is a fast-food giant is trying to rebuild its image into a restaurant that is health conscious. The Golden arches greening follows public attitude shift environmentally unfriendly food industry and diet. What is not obvious in the advert is the fact in the advert is the fact